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Thanks to Scorpio Milo, who agreed to write this together with me!

But let's see what Scorpio Gold Saint Milo has to say...

Scorpio Milo in all of his gorgeous

Milo: This interview you asked... Well, it is with deep regrets that I must tell you I'm afraid it won't be possible...

Stayka: Oh, that's a pity...

Stayka turns and goes back to the entrance of the Scorpio Temple.

Milo: Hey, wait, don't go! I was joking! Stayka, come back! Where the hell did she go? I love interviews! I love interviews and I don't ever get any! Each year, for my birthday, I ask Camus to interview me! I'm dreaming of being at last truly interviewed! I mean, Camus doesn't even try to look excited when he pretends he's interviewing me and it isn't much fun! Stayka, where are you? If you come back, I'll even ask Aiolia about Shaina and Marin! So, please...

Stayka decides to come back. The offer finally to get to know whether Leo Gold Saint Aiolia is truly two-timing is just too tempting.

Milo: Oh, there you are... I was... er... I was looking for my cat. Didn't you see him? Big, heavy, brown fur, measures about six feet long, likes to chase down flies when he has the opportunity, name's Aiolia... Are you sure you didn't notice him? Oh well, he'll come back when he's hungry, but I suppose you want me to go down to Leo Temple so that I can ask him your blasted question. Yes?

Stayka (grinning): Well, as you offered it so kindly...

Milo (sighs): I knew it. All right, I'm going (blasted stairs...). Hello Aiolia, how are you ?

(Aiolia sits a corner of his temple and sulks.)

Milo: Well, it's gonna be hard, I think I'll have to be very tactful... Er... well... say, Aiolia, do you... you know... with both Shaina and Marin?

(No reaction)

Milo: I said: do you have any... intimate relations with both Shaina and Marin?

(Still no reaction, the guy must be deaf.)

Milo: Hell, Aiolia, I'm asking you if you're considering bigamy as a possibility! And, anyway, how do you succeed in sharing your time between Shaina and Marin? Don't you ever sleep? And how dare you have more success with women than I do, you great bastard? And... No, wait, I didn't mean...

BAAAAOOOOMMM!!!!! (Aiolia doing Lightning Bolt at Lightspeed).

Milo: Well, I don't know if it was truly the answer you wanted but I'm damn sure I now deserve this interview. Good thing that I always wear my Cloth... (By the way, a contribution to help me pay Mu's bill would be greatly appreciated). - So, let's begin this interview. Would you like a glass of vodka?

Stayka: Aehm, no, thank you - I prefer a glass of wine. Actually I brought a bottle I lifted from Camus' wine cellar. But let's first introduce you! As usual I will present a cute picture that shows the Scorpio Gold Saint and why I think he's worthy to get a shrine of his own:

Scorpio Milo showing off his loooong legs

Stayka (sighs): Wow! This guy has the longest legs in all of Saint Seiya...

Milo: Do you actually mean that the first thing you noticed about me were my legs?

Stayka nods emphatically.

Milo: I find this rather offensive. Look at my eyes, completely devoid of any pity. Look at my smile, cruel and merciless. Look at me, Scorpio Milo, and be afraid, for I am the most ruthless of all Gold Saints! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! (tries to imitate DeathMask's mad laughter).

Stayka (looks more closely): Indeed, those eyes - how could I forget to mention *them*?

Scorpio Milo (Ah, those eyes are a

Stayka: But I wouldn't say they're devoid of any pity. Actually they are very alluring, I can assure you (but don't tell Camus)! - What makes you think you are the most ruthless of all the Gold Saints? After all, I would say you showed a lot of compassion with Hyoga during your fight with him!

Milo: Yeah, okay, you don't need to yell it everywhere. I know I'm supposed to be one of the good guys, but looking evil is so much more fun! I don't want to end up as good and dull as Aiolos was!


Milo: By the way, did you truly mean what you said... about my eyes...?

Stayka (blushes): Aehm, yes...

She looks down to the ground and studies her toes.

Stayka: Ahm... Let's change the subject!

She blushes more deeply and thinks 'Boy, this guy is cute, too...'

Stayka: How did you become a Saint in the first place? Did you manifest some powers and your parents brought you to Sanctuary, or did you feel some calling that pulled you here? I always wondered how the Saints got their jobs... Okay, it's well known from the Bronze Boys, but one never learned about the origins of the others. And have you always worn the Gold Cloth, or did you first get some Bronze Cloth and got promoted after you became stronger?

Milo: Hm, why am I the only one to get such questions? You didn't ask Camus about it, if I remember correctly.

Stayka: True, but I must admit, when he stood in front of me, most of my interview questions simply evaporated...

She manages to blush even more deeply and probably wouldn't have any problems to compete with a tomato by now.

Milo: Well, never mind. So, to answer your curiosity: No, I wasn't brought to Sanctuary by my parents (anyway, I am an orphan), no, I didn't feel some calling, no, I wasn't chosen by anybody. I chose. I decided one day that I wanted to be a Gold Saint and, a few years later, I actually was. Simple matter of will.

Stayka: Now that's interesting. I shall consider that an option for me, too. Hm... I only wonder which Cloth I should set my mind to... Talking of Cloths, have you ever had any problems to fit through a door with your Scorpio Cloth?

Scorpio Milo - broad shoulders or what? 

Milo: Can't remember I ever had any trouble with this. Although I must say a few doors had to be repaired after I went through with my Cloth. Oh, by the way, I think maybe you should reconsider your idea of winning a Cloth. No offense, but I think you might be a bit old. You see, I was five years old when I decided I wanted to be a Gold Saint...

Stayka: Has anyone ever told you that your social skills need improving? Reminding a lady of her age!

She sulks visibly.

Stayka: I guess I should better change the subject again... - Have you ever heard of those strange reports on some websites that claim you have a more than ...friendly relationship with my dear Camus? Not that I would believe that, but do you have any idea how people got these ideas?

Milo (grinning evilly): Oh, yes. I have heard about these... theories... Mere suppositions, are they? Of course they are... Although it is always impossible to say for sure... You know, I bet you wanted me to deny these rumors as strongly as I could. However, I'm not sure I can. Truth is often complex. For example, did you know that Camus and I are blood brothers? We're truly very close, when you think about it... Very close, we are...


Milo: Come on, stop gaping... And remember: I'm Scorpio Gold Saint and I'm not supposed to be nice. I'm bad.

Stayka (muttering): I guess I have to talk some serious words with Camus about that...! Which reminds me - How do you get along with the other Gold Saints? Are there any special friendships or antipathies?

Milo: Now, that's a very good question. The relations between Gold Saints are often pretty complex. In fact, we rather tend to ignore each other. Camus and I are the exception. I also have quite good relations with Aries Mu, who's a pretty clever guy. And I rather like Aiolia, too, even if it does not show. He's none too bright, but, most of the time, he's quite easy to live with. And we have many interests in common. Anyway, cleverness is not a major requirement in a Saint or we would be in deep trouble. I find most of the other Gold Saints rather uninteresting. Except for Pisces Aphrodite, whom I intensely dislike. The bastard intervened while I was engaged in a fair fight with Cepheus Albior and I'll give him a facelift when I'll get the chance...

Cepheus Albior vs.  Scorpio Milo

Stayka: Well, I guess I don't have to ask you whether you have any contact with the 'lesser Saints', or do you? (Okay, we know about Aiolia with Shaina and Marin by now, so he obviously doesn't have any side thoughts about 'fraternizing' with Silver and Bronze Saints...) What are your opinions about Athena's dear Bronze Boys?

Milo: I must admit I rarely have any contact with Bronze or Silver Saints. As for Athena's Chosen, well... I know they are very dedicated to the Goddess, very courageous, very brave, very faithful, and so on, but... frankly, they are a bit childish. They're still too emotional, not enough mature to truly succeed us. On the other hand, I do happen to meet Hyoga and Ikki in bars around Sanctuary quite often...

Stayka: Well, as you speak of Athena's Chosen to succeed in the path of the Gold Saints... In Camus' case, unfortunately there's not much choice - as Hyoga defeated him, the Aquarius Cloth is vacant after all... Ikki probably will have to wait for quite some time until Aiolia gives up his Cloth (well, it depends, Aiolia might consider marrying Marin or Shaina or both and settle down in a nice house somewhere and found a prid- err, family...). Is there anyone in sight whom you might consider to train for the job of Scorpio Saint, or do you intend to fill this position until further notice?

Milo: Well, actually, I thought about this matter a few times. There's a problem, however, since the only Saint I know who's Scorpio is Unicorn Jabu. And I honestly don't think the world is ready to cope with Jabu as Scorpio Gold Saint. So, I suppose I'll have to find an apprentice someday. Anyway, I have all the time in the world!

Stayka: Indeed... The only other eligible Saint, Perseus Algol, was killed during the retaking of Sanctuary. I guess there are quite some Cloths vacant right now, so Athena has to recruit a couple of new Saints anyway... - Okay, I think now there's only one important question left, and I guess there are quite some ladies out there who are really interested in your answer to this: Do you have a girl-friend?

Milo (embarrassed): Ah... er... well... Okay, I admit it, I currently do not have a girl-friend. It's funny but I seem to have difficulties keeping them for more than a few days, sometimes hours... So, as a matter of fact, I am currently looking for a new girl-friend. I'd like her to be nice, maybe strong-tempered but - and that's essential - with a strong sense of humor. Red hair and cooking abilities would be a plus.

Stayka: Aehm... Are you looking at *me*??? *blush* Well, you see, I guess there might be someone... I mean, what would Camus say if you... Ahm... *blushes even more deeply*

Milo (grumbling): Camus, always Camus... I am supposed to be the Casanova of Sanctuary, not he! I mean, Aiolia has Marin and Shaina, Aphrodite has Misty, Camus has you and Shaka has himself. And I have no one... I hate to be left alone. Phew... I'm running completely out of luck, these days. Aiolia hit me with his Lightning Bolt, I'll have to take my Cloth to Mu for repairs and I'm unable to find a new girl-friend. Maybe I should go back to bed before my Temple collapses and buries me alive.

Scorpio Milo as he's drawn in the

Milo storms away.

Stayka: And I *just* wanted to give him the address of Happy... After all, she seems to be his greatest fan :) Ah well, I guess Milo has earned his 4 3/4 drool drops :))) And I think I have to rearrange my Bishounen list.

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