Benetnasch Mime's Concert Hall

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This shrine is dedicated to the God Warrior Benetnasch 'Eta' Mime of Saint Seiya. The God Warriors are the holy fighters of Polaris Hilda from Asgard and tried to defeat Athena's Saints during the second season of the anime.

Of course I will first show you a nice pic of the Eta God Warrior so that you can see why I chose to include him here:

Benetnasch Mime

Mime: Ah, pictures! You should rather listen to my music!

Stayka: I agree. In Saint Seiya you can hear a lot of beautiful music, but the harp pieces there are simply divine!

Mime (smiles): Thanks a lot.

Stayka: On the other hand - there are several guys playing harp - why do you all play the same pieces?

Benetnasch Mime's God Robe

Mime: Well, you might ask the guy who composed the music for Saint Seiya.

Stayka: Ah well, but it's still wonderful music...

(For those who want to listen into it - here is some of the Saint Seiya Music.)

Stayka: Although I heard some people weren't so fond of it...

Mime: Indeed. There was this little twit among Athena's Bronze Saints - Andromeda Shun - who came along when I was just practising my skills...

Benetnasch Mime and Andromeda Shun

Stayka: Ah yes, the cute Andromeda Saint who will be featured with a shrine of his own...

Mime: What?! I demand that he be ignored!

Stayka: Why? He's absolutely kawaii!

Mime: But he's a philistine! No sense of art whatsoever! I was just playing a requiem for him, when he decided that he didn't like it.

Benetnasch Mime bound by Andromeda's

Stayka: Hm, maybe you should mention that your requiems can be quiet deadly...

Mime: Okay, okay, you got me there. But should I allow him to go on unchallenged when he wanted to defeat Polaris Hilda?

Stayka: Well, you have a point. Though on the other hand - Athena's Bronze Boys are the good guys.

Mime (poutily): But they are unmusical.

Benetnasch Mime

Stayka: By the way, has anyone told you that you have fascinating eyes? Admittedly, the colour is a bit unusual...

Mime: One learns to live with it.

Stayka: But your hair is even more adorable. How do you manage to see anything below those bangs?

Benetnasch Mime

Mime: Why do you think I wear this 'tiara' of mine? It keeps the hair back...most of the time.

Stayka: Ah, I see. By the way, is there some truth to the rumour that you are a reincarnation of Lyra Orpheus?

Mime (frowns): I heard some people mention this - but I would prefer to be the bard in my own right.

Stayka: Don't get touchy - even Athena got reincarnated and isn't the worse for wear for it. Anyway, the Lyra Saint is the 'legendary bard' as Shun put it...

Mime (grumbles): Shun again... Did I mention that I begin to develop an allergy against the Andromeda Saint and his big brother Phoenix Ikki?

Stayka (grins): I would guess so. It's always a bad idea to beat up little Shun...

Mime: Yeah, yeah... I heard this Lyra Orpheus guy made the same mistake and got offed by the Phoenix Saint.

Stayka: That's true. When I think of it, Shun also battled Siren Sorento, the Marine Shogun flutist...

Mime: Didn't I tell you this guy is a philistine?

He sits back and plays a little melody

Benetnasch Mime

Stayka (sighs): Wonderful! I think I'm in love...

She listens enraptured to the enchanting melodies of the Eta God Warrior.

Stayka: Much to my regret, this cool guy met an unfortunate end in his final battle against Phoenix Ikki, and now we have to wait for his reincarnation...

Mime: Don't panic. I will return - and then maybe I won't get under the influence of some malevolent entity like the Nibelung.

Stayka: I would hope so! And now let's see... The amount of drooldrops for this master of the harp is:

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop 1/2

Benetnasch Mime

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