Aries Mu's Spire

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The entrance to Sanctuary, two women in heated discussion.

Stayka: I thought you knew my Bishounen List? I have no interest in putting up a shrine for him! I'd rather put up another shrine for my dear Camus-sama. (sighs)

Skögul: He is cute! He needs a shrine of his own! Go flirt with your icy mop, I'll take care of Mu myself!

Stayka: As you wish... With regard to your services for my site (your fan art, that is) I might be inclined to put his shrine up with the others. But only with a remark that it was not me who decided on the amount of drooldrops.

So here you can decide yourself whether Skögul is right that Mu is an absolutely droolworthy guy. *I* rather stay with the most gorgeous Saint ever, my Aquarius Camus...

Aries Mu as Skoegul loves him

Skögul (grumbles something like): Thanks so much, Mistress Second Principle!

Then she makes a face and strolls away towards the Aries temple.

The temple seems to be empty. After thorough investigation (bedroom, bathroom) of the temple, Skögul sighs and goes back to Stayka who is about to climb up the stairs to pay Camus a visit.

Skögul: I need a teleport to Pamir!

Stayka: Ah, now I do seem to come handy...? But as you certainly won't stop nagging otherwise...

She teleports Skögul to Pamir, right in front of Mu's spire, before she teleports back to Sanctuary, this time right into the Aquarius Temple.

Skögul curses the fact that ordinary Valkyries can't teleport and begins to think that a relationship with Mu holds even more advantages than perceived at first glance.

Mu steps in front of his spire to see who's there.

Aries Mu standing in front of his

Skögul watches him in awe. These eyes...

Mu: What do you stare at?

Skögul (frank out of surprise): Your eyes, they are marvellous. How do you manage to make them change colour?

Mu (confused): They change colour? I didn't know that...

Aries Mu's eyes More of Aries Mu's eyes

Skögul: Don't you ever look in the mirror?

Mu (with an air of outerworldliness which is very becoming to him): I don't own a mirror!

Skögul looks at him in disbelief.

Kiki who has watched the scene from the first platform of the spire puts on an astonished face.

Kiki: And what about the small golden mirror in which you look to put on your mascara, sensei?

Aries Mu standing in front of his

Mu blushes with utmost intensity. The red colour of his face does not at all go with his hair.

Skögul (giggles, but pities poor Mu and changes the subject): Why do you live up here in Pamir mountains? You have a comfy temple in Sanctuary, close to the other Saints and Athena's palace. Isn't it hard having to commute this huge distance to your working place?

Mu (has calmed down a little and answers with pride): Well, I can say that I'm the Saint who is most skilled at teleporting, I manage to get to Sanctuary within a second and be back in the next. Once I even defended Aries Temple while I had something cooking on the stove in Pamir! It was almost not burned when I returned, and we had a delightful dinner that night!

Kiki (from the first platform): You mean those noodles you traded me as 'black pasta' were simply burned?

Mu (looks up to him, anger in his soft, delicate features; Skögul sighs and melts away a little): Don't you think you should go and practise?

Kiki (still on first platform): What do you want me to practise? I did all the work you asked me to do, and I've worked on my telekinetic abilities for three hours straight!

Mu (now truly angry): If you don't leave immediately, I can surely find a very annoying task for you that teaches you to keep your mouth shut!

Aries Mu looking angry)

Kiki disappears in a flash of light, his face bearing an offended look.

Mu (scratches his head nervously): I think I'm too generous considering his freedom of speech!

Skögul: But why, this was very insightful...

Mu throws her a dangerous glance.

Skögul (more tentative): Let's talk about your work. What do you say about the complaints of the other Saints that your services are very expensive?

Mu: Now, I'd say they have no idea of how much it costs me to heal a Cloth. They are living beings, those Cloths, you know, and if anybody thinks ist funny to be chased by the Cygnus Cloth which tried to bite my calves for half a day, he can have my job. I had no choice, I was born into it, but I expect a little more understanding from the other Saints who only have to defend their temples or Athena.

Skögul: Well, they do some work, there...

Mu: I have to defend my temple as well! It's not that anybody'd say: "Hey Mu, you've got a whole lotta do with your healing the Cloths, let me lend you a hand with fighting the intruders!" And mine is the first temple. I mean, why is that? Even the most whimpish intruders force me to leave my work here and tell them that (bored voice) "this is the Aries temple, strangers must not pass through, you're gonna die", blast them against some pillar, get back to work, great! And I have to teach this little brat Kiki, as well!

Skögul: This sounds pretty much like a major crisis.

Mu: And of course, this obnoxious Scorpio guy, who walks around and smashes any Cloth he can lay his hands on - including his own - is the first to squeal about my bills. He should have one of my days, for once, I'd like to see his face then, then he won't talk so proud!

Skögul (thinks it's time again to change the subject): Your hair colour intrigues me. Is it natural or do you dye it somehow?

Mu is still lost in his angry thoughts about Scorpio Milo and raises his head.

Mu (puzzled): My hair? Is it so extraordinary?

Aries Mu's hair More of Aries Mu's hair

Skögul: Well, it's pink, you know, or sometimes ist light lavender...

She looks dreamily at him.

Skögul: It's really intriguing, your hair can change colour as well as your eyes! You know, you are really gorgeous...

Mu blushes, then grins, then blushes, finally stares at his feet.

Skögul (a little uneasy in advance about what she is going to ask next): I always asked myself: is only the hair of your head coloured like this, or also...

Mu (interrupts her highly embarrassed): I don't think this is of your concern!

Skögul (tries to look seductive): I could find out about it myself... She reaches out to Mu's ribbon around his waist.

Mu moves back at the speed of light and his face turns crimson.

Mu (yelling): How dare you! I won't let you... I never have... only keeps you from working...

He becomes even more confused.

Kiki (back on first platform) But then, why do you have the Playboy hidden behind your bookshelf, sensei?

Aries Mu embarassed

Mu freezes in his movements. With some effort, he manages to adopt a stern teacher's tone.

Mu: One has to be prepared for all occasions especially as a Gold Saint of Athena...

He stops and watches helplessly as Skögul and Kiki go mad with laughter.

Skögul (regains some of her self control): So now I know something about your hobbies.

Mu gazes on his feet.

Skögul: Is there anything you do in your spare time where you prefer - company?

Kiki falls off the platform, still laughing.

Mu (screaming at the top of his voice): You only came here to insult me! Who are you, anyway? Why do you ask me all those questions?

Aries Mu embarassed

Skögul: You should have asked before you answered. This is an interview for your shrine at Stayka's page. - Me, I'm Skögul, a Valkyrie, one of Stayka's tribe.

Mu (paling): You mean this is going to be published? So that everyone can read it?

Aries Mu shocked

Skögul: That's the purpose of publishing, yes!

Mu changes into the wicked monster that Seiya saw in his dream of Shiryu's sacrifice to heal his cloth in the first season and attacks Skögul.

Skögul (jumps backwards, thinking): I knew there was something about this demon Seiya had talked of...

Skögul (yelling): Hey, I had to beg on my knees that Stayka puts your shrine up once I have finished it. I think you're cute and strange and fully deserve five of the five possible drooldrops. And if you need some company of any kind at any time, I'm here at your - service...

Mu (stops and transforms back into his normal form): You - you like me?

Skögul (nods, grinning): To say it that way is rather euphemistic!

Mu (blushes again): Mind if I show you my home?

Skögul: As long as you show me the bedroom as well...

Aries Mu shocked

They walk to the spire, hand in hand.

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop

Meanwhile back in Sanctuary, Stayka sits on Camus' bed and smiles like a Cheshire cat. Camus is sound asleep and appears to be rather exhausted.

Stayka (looking at the sheet of paper with Skögul's notes that magically appeared in her hand): She really made it! Now that's a worthy member of my tribe! She truly earned the place for Mu's shrine. I shall call it Aries Mu's Spire.

With a thought she turns the paper into an HTML file before she lays back and snuggles close to her Camus-sama; cool sheets cover the two of them.

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