Virgo Shaka's Sanctuary

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This shrine is a temple dedicated to the absolutely divine Gold Saint Virgo Shaka of Saint Seiya. I just completed Camus' Aquarius Temple, and now I want to introduce you to the Man Closest to the Gods. Let's start with a nice pic of the Virgo Saint:

Virgo Shaka - the Man Closest to the

Unfortunately, Shaka keeps his beautiful eyes closed (as he does most of the time), but you can see that he looks just gorgeous! *drools again*

Shaka: You actually drool about me? Don't you think that's a bit ridiculous?

Stayka (blushes): Why? You look absolutely perfect, you have enormous power, you even have developed the Eighth Sense, whereas the Bronze Boys - who *are* the main characters of the show - still struggle to come to terms with their Seventh Sense - so why shouldn't I drool about you?

Shaka: Well, if it pleases you, you may drool. But I'm not interested in such pursuits. I'm the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha and the Guardian of the sixth Temple of the Zodiac, and I'd rather spend my time meditating and developing my powers to even greater magnitudes!

Shaka smiles heavenly, and Stayka sulks.

Virgo Shaka's cute little smile

Stayka: It's a shame that you always keep your eyes closed, Shaka-sama.

Shaka: My inner sight is fully sufficient to lead me.

Stayka: But you deprive your fans of a marvellous sight!

Shaka (shrugs): I don't need fans. I'm fully centered in myself.

Stayka: And what about your trainees?

Shaka: Well, actually this is a phenomenon that surprises me to now avail - there are more and more persons who flock to me to be taught meditation and the use of their cosmo.

Stayka: Maybe you should explain to the audience what 'cosmo' is...

Shaka: The cosmo is a power field that is both generated by a Saint within himself and channelled from the macrocosm - his constellation, that is. The lesser Saints usually draw their energy only from within theirselves, while the Gold Saints can use the power of the macrocosm at will, an ability which is the Gold Saints' Seventh Sense.

Stayka: So one could say it's something like the Force?

Shaka: Hm. Not exactly, but as you're not a Saint, you can use this faulty image, too.

Stayka (ironically): Thanks for your consideration...

Shaka: No problem.

He still has his eyes closed, and with the faint golden aura of the cosmo around him, he looks like an angel.

Virgo Shaka meditating

Stayka: (thinks) You really should see him when he has his eyes open!

Shaka: So was there anything else? I'd like to go back to my meditation.

Stayka: Well, yes - how do you keep your hair so nicely combed all the time? I mean, you don't even look messed up after a fight...

Shaka: Well, one can of hairspray in the morning suffices.

Stayka: And how do you manage not to sit on your hair?

Shaka: Don't you remember? I do not sit. I float.

Stayka (ironically): Yes, how could I forget...

Virgo Shaka - ah, this marvellous

Stayka: Please, Shaka, do me the favour and open your eyes at least once!

Shaka: You know that my cosmo exceeds anything a mere mortal can endure! If I open my eyes I might destroy the things I'm looking at.

Stayka: Don't panic, I'm the Second Principle of the Universe, you can't off me that easily...

[Note: If you really wish to know about the stuff about the Six Universal Principles etc, you may ask me, but prepare for a lengthy story!]

Shaka: Well, if you insist...

Stayka nods vigourously, and Shaka opens his eyes.

Virgo Shaka - just *look* at these

Stayka (sighs): Beautiful!

Shaka: If you say so...

Stayka: By the way, do you use mascara?

Shaka (shakes his head): You have questions!

Stayka: Indeed! So - do you use mascara?

Shaka: Am I Pisces Aphrodite?

[Note: That's a *guy* - The Gold Saint who guards the 12th Temple and who has a faible for roses...]

Stayka: Well, not exactly... Although he has beautiful eyes, too...

Shaka: Could it be that you are a bit obsessed by guys with beautiful eyes?

Stayka (nods vigourously)

Shaka: Then may I suggest something? Go and pester Lacerta Misty for a change. I want to go back to my meditation now!

[Note: Grin, Misty is a Silver Saint - and there are even more kawaii guys where he comes from... Any more questions why I'm so obsessed with Saint Seiya?]

Stayka: You're mean. Maybe I should ask Andromeda Shun to chain you here so that I can continue with this interview.

Shaka: You mean that you can continue to stare holes in my Cloth?

Stayka: Well, now that you mention it... (pulls out can opener again)

Shaka: I can make you loose your five senses, you know that!

Stayka: You're a spoilsport!

Shaka: I'm the Man Closest to the Gods, and I want some quiet now!

Stayka: Well, then I will leave you at this. But still I think this divine man should get the full five drooldrops, even though he is so mean at times...

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop

(You don't think I would spend my precious time to create a shrine for someone worth less than 4 1/2 or 5 drooldrops? Certainly *not*!)

Shaka: And don't forget to wipe the ground dry before you leave!

Stayka (grumbles and imagines Shaka bound with one of Andromeda Shun's nebula chains)

Virgo Shaka caught by Andromeda's

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