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This shrine is dedicated to the sweet little Bronze Saint Andromeda Shun of Saint Seiya who belongs to the protectors of the reincarnated Goddess Athena.

Of course I will first show you a nice pic of the Andromeda Saint so that you can see why I chose to include him here:

Andromeda Shun - Cute and Cuddly

Stayka: Shun is not the youngest, but definitive the most delicate of the five Bronze Boys.

Shun (sulkily): I can't tell you how much I hate it that all people only see me as crybaby and the "cute little one" of our group!

Stayka: But you can't deny that you're quite fast when it comes to tears...

Andromeda Shun and his big brother Ikki

Shun: Ah well, but I'm sure even you would have cried when you would have found your dear brother again whom you believed dead!

Stayka: Hm, probably... Ah, as you mentioned your big brother - don't you think it's a problem for you that he appears every time when you are in difficulties and helps you out of them? I mean, isn't that detrimental to your growing up?

Shun: Why? Isn't that what great brothers are there for?

Stayka: Once in a while, yes, but I had the impression you came to rely on him pretty heavily!

Shun: Well, nii-san is exceptionally strong and helpful...

Stayka: But I remember that he seemed to be pretty fed up doing your fights during the battle against Lucifer...

Ikki tells Shun that he'd better fight on
his own

Shun: Oh yes, that was sooooo mean of him! (snifs) He simply walked away...

Shun starts crying.

Stayka: There, there... Calm down, Shun. I didn't want to upset you. I'm sorry...

Ikki: You'd better be or do you want me to punish you for making my little brother cry?

Stayka: Ahm, I said I'm sorry, didn't I?

Ikki: Okay. But I warn you! I'll be back...

Ikki teleports away into his volcano to keep on meditating, or what ever it is he does in there.

Stayka: Let's get to a less dangerous topic then. You seem to be very well liked by the girls...

Shun (smiles): Indeed! According to the last count I had five fan clubs. You can't imagine how annoyed Unicorn Jabu got when he discovered that I had far more fans than he has!

Stayka: I can imagine that. Poor Jabu, he's always only second in everything he does...

Shun: But I do look nicer than him, don't you agree?

Stayka: Well, at least you had the nicest shower scene...

Shun: Well, I guess I can't complain...

Stayka: Even on Andromeda Island you had a girl who cared for you...

Chamaeleon June and Andromeda Shun

Shun: Yeah, June is very sweet. It's too bad that she has to wear this mask all the time like the other female Saints! Without it she's really beautiful!

Stayka: You seem to like her very much...

Shun: Sure! Without her I would never have succeeded in attaining the Andromeda Cloth.

Stayka: Somehow I had the impression that the final test you had to pass to get the Andromeda Cloth was far worse than the tests Seiya, Shiryu or Hyoga had to pass...

Andromeda Shun facing the final test to
attain the Andromeda Cloth

Shun: Don't remind me - it wasn't fun to be chained to those rocks while the water rose with the flood... If I hadn't managed to master the chains of my Cloth in time I would have drowned!

Stayka: Well, but then, you are far more powerful than you look. You even managed to defeat Gold Saint Pisces Aphrodite with your Nebula Storm attack.

Shun: Aphrodite was a jerk! He killed my sensei Cepheus Albior, so I had to punish him.

Stayka: With success...

Andromeda Shun looking at the dead Pisces
Gold Saint Aphrodite

Shun: But he managed to wound me badly, too. If it weren't for Athena, I'd be dead as well.

Stayka: Fortunately she managed to save you, though. - By the way, when I talked to Benetnasch Mime, he accused you of being a philistine...

Shun: That's not true! I really loved his music! I also loved Lyra Orpheus' music. Is it my fault when they wanted to kill me with it?

Stayka: Well, probably not. But it's somehow strange that you had to fight all the guys who made music...

Shun: I'm not responsible for the script.

Stayka: Indeed. Fortunately you aren't responsible for certain fan stories...

Shun (exasperatedly): I can guess what you want to say! But I thought Hyoga made it perfectly clear that there wasn't any improper relationship between us, there isn't any, and there won't be any either!

Stayka: Okay, okay, I get your point. And what about you and June?

Shun: Well, she is a very nice girl, but I just haven't had any time for any relationships. You see, when I was at Andromeda Island, I had to train. After I got my cloth, I was called back to Japan, and from then on I stumbled from one fight into the next. I must admit I would love to go on a vacation for once and just relax. And then I might even consider asking June out for a date...

Stayka: Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Shun: That's nice.

Stayka: Ah well, I guess there are quite some more questions I could ask you, but it's getting late now. Let's see, how many drooldrops should I give you?

Stayka scribbles down some drops.

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop

Shun (slightly disappointed): Only 4?

Stayka: Ah well, you're utterly sweet, but I must admit I prefer my men a bit more mature (I can't help but think of my gorgeous Camus...) We can revise the amount of drooldrops in three or four years...

Andromeda Shun

Shun: I'll remind you then!

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