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December 22, 1998

Hey, today's my birthday (but I won't tell which :) - and *very* fittingly a load of parcels arrived at my place yesterday (as they weren't supposed to be birthday presents I was allowed to open them yesterday, grin). Okay, let's see and brag what I got:

The most beautiful oversized cel of Virgo Shaka (if I weren't already in love with him I'd surely have fallen in love after admiring it :) and a really nice close-up of Benetnasch Mime (he has such fascinating eyes!), both of which are now at my Anime Cel Gallery...

Then I got three wonderful shitajikis (one of Aiolos, Milo, Saga, Camus, Mu, and Shaka together and two featuring the Bronze Boys) which I still have to scan, and I got the action figure of Camus (hm, I have to figure out a way to outfit him with his proper mane of hair!).

Ah well, and thanks to Brian I also got the first five of the mangas in French, a model kit of my dear Aquarius Gold Saint (he's soooo gorgeous!) and, finally, *all* of the 114 Saint Seiya episodes in perfect quality (French dub)... I'm still in the process of converting them from SECAM to PAL (after all, there are 11 tapes à 240 minutes), but then I'll probably redo all the screen shots from scratch and from episode one on!!!

And last but not least, today arrived issue No.7 of the Funime, the zine of the German Anime & Manga club Anime no Tomodachi which not only features an article about Saint Seiya that I wrote, but also has one of my drawings of Camus as cover :)))

One could say this time I had *lots* of absolutely nice birthday presents! :)))))

December 15, 1998

It's done! All the uploads went through as hoped, and now there is a new section about Saint Seiya Music on my page plus a couple of new Animated GIFs, including the famous shower scene of Andromeda Shun (they are *huge*, though).

December 11, 1998

First - happy birthday to my dear sister Kira Morgana!!!

Then I got a new majorly kawaii cel of Shun (I guess Cynthia will kill me because *I* bought it, but I just couldn't resist) that can be found at my Anime Cel Gallery.

November 27, 1998

Finally, I managed to convince the guys at customs to release the cels I bought a while ago, and now there are four more at the Anime Cel Gallery: one of Seiya in the Sagittarius Cloth, one of Ophiuchus Shaina without her mask, one of Julian Solo and a really cute one of Pisces Aphrodite. Hm... I'm still desperately looking for one nice cel of Camus, sigh...

Even better, Yann Stettler gave me an account at his site AniManga, and thus my Anime Cel Gallery will soon be accessible at! Thanks, Yann :)))) [I'll try to upload it today.]

November 23, 1998

I added two cute little anime cels that Yann gave me as a gift to my Anime Cel Gallery. Thanks, Yann


Furthermore I created a new screen saver featuring Scorpio Milo to my screen saver archive at Angelfire.

November 20, 1998

I got some cute new anime cels of Andromeda Shun and Dragon Shiryu! You can view them at my Anime Cel Gallery.

November 11, 1998

Viviane Reber sent me some new hilarious answers for the (Not So) Frequently Asked Questions!!

November 9, 1998

I added the colour version of Pegasus Seiya FanArt section. I still don't like him, but I needed a pic for him as an illustration for an article about Saint Seiya that I promised a friend of mine, who's the chief editor of the Funime, the German language magazine of the club Anime no Tomodachi.

November 4, 1998

Cool! I got my anime cels of Cancer DeathMask and Leo Aiolia! Of course I uploaded them to my Anime Cel Gallery.

November 3, 1998

I added a drawing of Pegasus Seiya to the FanArt section. :)

BTW, I managed to get three more of the Saint Seiya Soundtrack CDs - you can't imagine how happy I am...

October 30, 1998

BTW, I got three more anime cels (a gorgeous shot of Hyoga, a cute one of Shun - and even a nice one of Seiya...) which I uploaded to my Anime Cel Gallery.

October 28, 1998

When I watched some episodes again (little break from learning Japanese), I discovered that I missed the opportunities to paste together two more assembled shots of Camus. I corrected this oversight, and now they are online...

October 23, 1998

I finally managed to colour the pic of the three 'Ice Saints' Camus, Crystal & Hyoga. Sigh, the Japanese lessons are more difficult than I would have expected - in today's lesson we were taught to read *all* the hiragana and 34 kanji (in 90 minutes)! Talk about a crash course... This means I might take a bit longer to get stuff done on my webpages in the next weeks...

BTW, I also uploaded a cute new anime cel of Dragon Shiryu to my Anime Cel Gallery.

October 19, 1998

Okay 'Virgo' Shun is properly coloured and edited now - you can find him in the FanArt section, together with two newly coloured Hyogas, one Shaka, another Shun and two pics of Shiryu, one of which was painted by Shavana.

October 16, 1998

Finally! After I threw about nine (!) tries into the dustbin, I managed to draw a portrait of Shaka that I deem to be satisfactory. *Big sigh of relief*! I'm looking forward to colouring it, as it's supposed to adorn another coffee mug (you can guess who's on the first mug, grin - *of course* Camus :)))... Hm, probably I'll make a third one with Hyoga (I redrew the second of the Hyoga pics, too - now it looks definitely better than before) on it - one never has enough mugs...

Ah yes, and as Fabian demanded in the Seiya ML (yeah, I read it, but lack of time prohibits me to participate regularly) to give Shun the Virgo cloth, I decided why not try and figure out how sweet lil' Shun would look in it... :) The drawings can be found at the FanArt section (where else?).

October 14, 1998

Today the properly edited version of the Shun pencil drawing made it to the FanArt section.

October 13, 1998

I uploaded four new new pencil drawings to the FanArt section: One of the three 'Ice Saints' together, Cygnus Hyoga, one of Dragon Shiryu and one of Virgo Shaka (although I'm not satisfied with the Shaka drawing... I'll probably try this again. Ah well...!).

October 12, 1998

Today I uploaded a new pencil drawing of Cygnus Hyoga to the FanArt section.

October 6, 1998

I uploaded another pencil drawing of Pisces Aphrodite to the FanArt section, and I updated the (Not So) Frequently Asked Questions with lots of cool answers by Tevia Pertiwi :)))

October 5, 1998

I uploaded the pencil drawing of the Crystal Saint to the FanArt section. Furthermore I coloured one of my favourite Camus drawings once more, this time using gold gouache containing metal particles for the Cloth. You should see the original painting instead of the scan, *sigh*... Camus is just impressive!

Furthermore I updated the (Not So) Frequently Asked Questions with a couple of answers answers by Kara Ann Vortex :), and I created two more shrines for SKAM! which I also added to the FanFics: Cygnus Hyoga's Hut and Benetnasch Mime's Concert Hall.

September 28, 1998

I uploaded the aquarelle version of Chamaeleon June to the FanArt section. Furthermore I got 5 anime cels of Pisces Aphrodite (yeah!), Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun, Phoenix Ikki and Pegasus Seiya which immediately found their way to my Anime Cel Gallery.

September 22, 1998

The kawaii 'Goldfish' got an Aquarium at the page with my FanFics :).

September 21, 1998

Now I added the three aquarelle versions of Phoenix Ikki and the two portraits of Aquarius Camus (doesn't he look divine when he smiles?!) to the FanArt section. Additionally there's a pencil drawing of Chameleon June which was inspired by Brian Doyle's cool story Chain Links.

September 18, 1998

I added three pencil drawings to the FanArt section: one pic of Phoenix Ikki and two portraits of Aquarius Camus (I just couldn't resist...).

September 16, 1998

This time Scorpio Milo was my victim for the newest drawing in my FanArt section.

September 15, 1998

I uploaded the aquarelle versions of the latest Camus and Shaka drawings to the FanArt section. Furthermore I updated the (Not So) Frequently Asked Questions with very amusing answers by konekochan


September 11, 1998

I added some new FanArt by me (the aquarelle version of the latest Camus drawing and another pencilled Camus). Additionally I updated the (Not So) Frequently Asked Questions with some really cool answers by Brian Doyle :).

September 9, 1998

I added another pencil drawing FanArt of Aquarius Camus. (Actually I had intended to draw Shiryu for a change, but when I finished the eyes it was obvious that it couldn't be the Dragon...)

September 8, 1998

I updated the (Not So) Frequently Asked Questions a little - Liz provided me which some very well thought out answers, grin :)))

September 7, 1998

I added some new FanArt by me (the aquarelle version of Pisces Aphrodite), updated the (Not So) Frequently Asked Questions a little and added two more assembled screen shots of Aquarius Camus.

September 4, 1998

I created two new screen savers - one featuring Phoenix Ikki and one featuring my favorite Saints (Aquarius Camus, Virgo Shaka, Cygnus Hyoga, Pisces Aphrodite, Lacerta Misty, Andromeda Shun and Scorpio Milo).

And then I added some new FanArt by me, too (one pencil sketch of Pisces Aphrodite, and one cartoon where I made fun of my dear Aquarius Camus again :).

September 2, 1998

Grin, Hope C. Lee submitted some hilarious answers for the (Not So) Frequently Asked Questions file :))) Ah yes, and I added 4 more assembled screen shots - two of Chameleon June, Lyra Orpheus and Tatsumi.

September 1, 1998

I created some more fanart :) - There are brandnew pictures of Lyra Orpheus and Lacerta Misty, and I coloured the last pencil drawing of my dear Aquarius Camus :)))

August 28, 1998

I added four new screen savers to the Screen Savers Page: Aquarius Camus (again :), Lacerta Misty, Pisces Aphrodite and misc Silver Saints.

Furthermore I added a page to showcase the Saint Seiya Cels I newly obtained (my first anime cels ever :) - and last but not least I updated the FanArt Archive (two new pics of Camus :)).

August 26, 1998

I worked a bit at the pics in the FanArt Archive to enhance their quality (cleaning the background on the new ones, sharpening them etc). Maybe I'll draw another pics after I'm through writing this file, then I'll upload it as well :)

August 25, 1998

I uploaded another pic of Aquarius Camus (drawn by me) to the Saint Seiya FanArt Archive. (I guess there'll be even more drawings/paintings of him in the next time... :)))

August 24, 1998

Well, I *wanted* to rearrange the archives first, but when I watched the episodes absout the retaking of Sanctuary again, I couldn't help but shoot some more pics of my current Nr.1 Saint Aquarius Camus (isn't he just *gorgeous*?!) and 'beautiful warrior' Pisces Aphrodite (of whom I just didn't have enough pics before...).

Furthermore I added 4 new assembled pics - two of Camus, one of Hyoga and one of Aphrodite (I didn't have one before - a grievous oversight!). Ah yes, and I added a page for FanFics where currently the nsFAQ, one poem and two shrines reside.

August 21, 1998

Okay, now everything is settled, and my archive is at the new server under :)))

Lots of thanks to Dax who hosts the archives! In the next time I will rearrange the archives a bit (getting rid of the thumbs and creating imagemaps for less transfer load and easier access etc), so I will probably work a while at such tedious maintenance stuff before putting up new shots. But I will upload the missing episodes, too - in due time. :)

By the way, I uploaded several pieces of FanArt drawn by me at the Saint Seiya FanArt Archive, and I got some cool Questions&Answers by Theresa Aluen for the (Not So) Frequently Asked Questions file.

August 11, 1998

Today I only added one graphic I drew. Heck, I have to work on my other pages, too :))) Anyway, I still managed to set up the (not so) Frequently Asked Questions file, too...

August 10, 1998

I added 288 screen shots from episodes 20-24, 3 assembled shots from Lacerta Misty and one of Shaina. Furthermore there are two new screen savers: one of Aquarius Camus and one of Virgo Shaka. (Grin, Camus is currently my Nr.1 :)))

August 3, 1998

I uploaded 209 screen shots from episodes 18 and 19.

August 2, 1998

I went through my video tapes and found that some of my favourite pics couldn't be shot in one take, so I added a section for assembled screen shots where I put 48 highly yummy pics of the Gold and Bronze Saints (and some of other characters and stuff, too).

Finally I have a Guestbook! Please sign in :)

July 31, 1998

I uploaded 259 screen shots from episodes 9 and 10. BTW, if someone could supply my with the episodes 1-8 and 11-17, I would be really grateful, as I'm still missing those episodes...

July 29, 1998

I created 3 new screen savers, each of them featuring one of my favourite Bronze Saints: Andromeda Shun, Cygnus Hyoga and Dragon Shiryu.

July 28, 1998

I uploaded 100 screen shots from Dragon Shiryu and 55 from Cygnus Hyoga (the aforementioned missing pics from this weekend's screen shot session).

July 27, 1998

I uploaded 315 new screen shots from episodes 64-68. If you wonder why there's nothing new of Hyoga and Shiryu - er, actually I made *470* shots this weekend, but I didn't have the time to resize all of them and create the thumbs etc., so I decided to keep the best for the next session (except for Shun, that is - the little fellow is so kawaii that I *had* to do him first of all...).

Moreover, I uploaded two screen savers and two animated GIFs so that you have something else to play with :)))

July 24, 1998

I uploaded 245 new screen shots from episodes 62-63. Ah, and as I just got my VCR back that's able to convert the French SECAM to German PAL, I was finally able to watch the 40 episodes I currently only have in SECAM - and as I discovered another mega-cutie, I shot 111 pics of Lacerta Misty from episodes 23 and 24...

July 22, 1998

I uploaded 180 new screen shots from episode 61. Finally I could add to my Cygnus Hyoga collection :)))

July 20, 1998

I uploaded 227 new screen shots from the first Saint Seiya movie. Somehow it's not as 'colourful' as the episodes I shot until now, but it should do. This time Cygnus Hyoga and Dragon Shiryu were featured with quite a lot of shots...

July 14, 1998

I uploaded about 84 new screen shots from 58-60.

July 10, 1998

I uploaded about 150 screen shots from episodes 51-57. Finally I got some nice pics from cute little Andromeda Shun. :)))

June 1, 1998

Added 25 pics of Lyra Orpheus from the first Saint Seiya movie. Unfortunately one can't see his beautiful harp music, sigh...

May 01, 1998

My TV card finally works under Win NT! :) I just shot 100 pics of Virgo Shaka and 40 pics of the 'beautiful warrior' Pisces Aphrodite... :)) Ain't those two majorly kawaii???

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