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Shavana and I decided to calculate radix horoscopes for the main characters plus the Gold Saints as we were curious how they might turn out. We checked the available information, chose birth places according to the countries of origin given in Saint Seiya Manga #13 (well, Camus' birth place was chosen by Milo :), birth years according to the ages (we placed the Sanctuary chapter in Summer 1986 and set the date 1986/08/01 to fix the years) and birth times according to the best fitting ascendant.

The astrological charts were created at who use Astrolog as engine, and the tables were originally calculated with Astrolog 4.10 for Linux (nowadays I have the version Astrolog 5.40, though) that is available at

If you wonder why I used Equal Houses instead of Placidus Houses for Hyoga - that's because he's born at a latitude so far north that neither the Placidus nor the Koch House system are defined anymore.

Gold Saints

Silver Saints

Bronze Saints


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