Saint Seiya vs. SailorMoon

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Andromeda Shun vs SailorVenus

Wanna play with my chains?

Andromeda Shun   Andromeda Shun   Andromeda Shun

SailorVenus   SailorVenus   SailorVenus

Phoenix Ikki vs. SailorMars

Burn me, Baby!

Phoenix Ikki   Phoenix Ikki

Sailormars   Sailormars   Sailormars

Cygnus Hyoga vs. SailorMercury

It's getting cold in here

Cygnus Hyoga   Cygnus Hyoga   SailorMercury

Dragon Shiryu vs. SailorJupiter

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's a Thunder Dragon

Dragon Shiryu   Dragon Shiryu

SailorJupiter   SailorJupiter   SailorJupiter

Pegasus Seiya vs. SailorMoon

Beat those wings

Pegasus Seiya   Pegasus Seiya   Pegasus Seiya

SailorMoon   SailorMoon   SailorMoon

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