The Trumps and the Featured Characters

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Major Arcana

This table shows you which Tarot trump will feature which character from Saint Seiya when I have finally managed to draw all of them!

Click on the card to get a short explanation of the qualities and the symbols used.

0 The Fool Andromeda Shun
1 The Magician Aries Mu
2 The High Priestess Pandora (alternate: Polaris Hilda)
3 The Empress Natassia (Hyoga's Mother)
4 The Emperor Aquarius Camus
5 The Pope Gemini Saga (with Baby Athena)
6 The Lovers Pisces Aphrodite + Lacerta Misty (with Shaka)
7 The Chariot Leo Aiolia
8 The Force Shunrei (taming a Dragon :)
9 The Hermit Libra Roshi/Dohko
10 The Wheel of Fate Fire Clock
11 Justice Athena
12 The Hanged Man Cygnus Hyoga
13 Death Capricorn Shura
14 Temperance Sagittarius Aiolos
15 The Devil Hades (with Ikki and Pandora)
16 The Tower Phoenix Ikki and Esmeralda
17 The Star Dragon Shiryu
18 The Moon Cancer DeathMask
19 The Sun Pegasus Seiya riding on a Pegasus
20 The Judgement Scorpio Milo (with Camus and Aphrodite)
21 The World Virgo Shaka (with Shaina, Marin, Aldebaran and Aiolia)

Minor Arcana

Suit of Wands - Fire

(Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

1 Ace of Wands The element itself
2 Two of Wands Pegasus Seiya
3 Three of Wands Kiki
4 Four of Wands June/Shun
5 Five of Wands Athena's Chosen
6 Six of Wands Leo Aiolia
7 Seven of Wands Phoenix Ikki
8 Eight of Wands Pegasus Seiya
9 Nine of Wands Phoenix Ikki
10 Ten of Wands Sagittarius Aiolos
Ap Apprentice of Wands Pegasus Seiya
Ad Adept of Wands Leo Aiolia
Mi Mistress of Wands Chamaeleon June
Ma Master of Wands Aries Mu

Suit of Cups - Water

(Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

1 Ace of Cups The element itself
2 Two of Cups Misty/Aphrodite
3 Three of Cups Marin/Shaina/June
4 Four of Cups Unicorn Jabu
5 Five of Cups Centaurus Babel
6 Six of Cups Cassios/Shaina
7 Seven of Cups Poseidon
8 Eight of Cups Scorpio Milo
9 Nine of Cups Julian Solo
10 Ten of Cups Marin/Aiolia
Ap Apprentice of Cups Cancer DeathMask
Ad Adept of Cups Pisces Aphrodite
Mi Mistress of Cups Aquila Marin
Ma Master of Cups Scorpio Milo

Suit of Swords - Air

(Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

1 Ace of Swords The element itself
2 Two of Swords Gemini Saga
3 Three of Swords Ophiuchus Shaina
4 Four of Swords Libra Dohko
5 Five of Swords Gemini Kanon
6 Six of Swords Cygnus Hyoga
7 Seven of Swords Seadragon Kanon
8 Eight of Swords Mermaid Thetis
9 Nine of Swords Ophiuchus Shaina
10 Ten of Swords Kraken Isaak
Ap Apprentice of Swords Dragon Shiryu
Ad Adept of Swords Cygnus Hyoga
Mi Mistress of Swords Ophiuchus Shaina
Ma Master of Swords Aquarius Camus

Suit of Pentacles - Earth

(Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

1 Ace of Pentacles The element itself
2 Two of Pentacles Siren Sorento
3 Three of Pentacles Capricorn Shura
4 Four of Pentacles Virgo Shaka
5 Five of Pentacles Geki/Ban
6 Six of Pentacles Tatsumi
7 Seven of Pentacles Capricorn Shura
8 Eight of Pentacles Cepheus Albior
9 Nine of Pentacles Athena
10 Ten of Pentacles Shun/June/Shaka
Ap Apprentice of Pentacles Andromeda Shun
Ad Adept of Pentacles Taurus Aldebaran
Mi Mistress of Pentacles Kido Saori
Ma Master of Pentacles Virgo Shaka

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