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As Rota Taro deals very intimately with interconnections of Tarot and astrology, I will give you here an overview of the astrological Signs and their corresponding Trumps (Arcana) of the Tarot.

By the way, I might mention that I do not adhere absolutely to any classical Tarot Deck. I designed one for myself which IMHO fits the 'Steps of the Rainbow Path' better than any of the classical systems, although I cannot deny strong influences by Arthur Waite, Rachel Pollack and Barbara Walker. In brackets I put down some of the alternative names of the Arcana which are used.

The links show the already drawn cards.

The Arcana and their Zodiac Signs

Major Arcana

  Major Trump Other Names Zodiac Sign Planet/Light Origin Conclusion
0 The Fool The Tramp Aquarius Uranus/Neptune The Sun The Empress
I The Magician Osiris, Juggler Gemini, Virgo Mercury Judgement The Emperor
II The High Priestess Isis, Popess Cancer Moon The World The Hierophant
III The Empress Demeter, Great Mother Taurus, Libra Venus The Fool The Lovers
IV The Emperor Zeus, The Law Aries Mars The Magician The Chariot
V The Pope The Hierophant, High Priest Taurus Venus The High Priestess Force
VI The Lovers Decision, Choice, Beauty Gemini Mercury The Empress The Hermit
VII The Chariot Control Cancer Moon The Emperor Wheel of Fate
VIII The Force The Strength Leo Sun The Hierophant Justice
IX The Hermit The Wise Man, Pilgrim Virgo Mercury The Lovers The Hanged Man
X Wheel of Fate The Sphinx Sagittarius Jupiter The Chariot Death
XI Justice   Libra Venus Force Temperance
XII The Hanged Man Odin, Trial Pisces Neptune The Hermit The Devil
XIII Death Transformation, The Nameless Card Scorpio Pluto Wheel of Fate The Tower
XIV Temperance   Sagittarius Jupiter Justice The Star
XV The Devil Hades, Typhoon, Black Magician Capricorn Saturn The Hanged Man The Moon
XVI The Tower Destruction, House of God Aries Mars Death The Sun
XVII The Star Iris, Rebirth Aquarius Uranus Temperance Judgement
XVIII The Moon Luna, Chaos, Passion Pisces Neptune The Devil The World
XIX The Sun Apollo, Life Leo Sun The Tower The Fool
XX The Judgement The Call Scorpio Pluto The Star The Magician
XXI The World The Universe, Time, Gaia Capricorn Saturn The Sun The High Priestess

Minor Arcana

Suit of Wands (Fire): Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Minor Trump Other Names Zodiac Sign Planet/Light Element
Ace of Wands   Aries, Leo, Sagittarius   Element of Fire
Two of Wands   Aries Mars  
Three of Wands   Aries Sun  
Four of Wands   Aries Venus  
Five of Wands   Leo Saturn  
Six of Wands   Leo Jupiter  
Seven of Wands   Leo Mars  
Eight of Wands   Sagittarius Mercury  
Nine of Wands   Sagittarius Moon  
Ten of Wands   Sagittarius Saturn  
Apprentice of Wands Page, Princess Aries Spring Equinox Earth of Fire
Adept of Wands Knight, Prince Sagittarius Jupiter Fire of Fire
Mistress of Wands Queen Aries Mars Water of Fire
Master of Wands King, Knight Leo Sun Air of Fire

Suit of Cups (Water): Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Minor Trump Other Names Zodiac Sign Planet/Light Element
Ace of Cups   Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces   Element of Water
Two of Cups   Cancer Venus  
Three of Cups   Cancer Mercury  
Four of Cups   Cancer Moon  
Five of Cups   Scorpio Mars  
Six of Cups   Scorpio Sun  
Seven of Cups   Scorpio Venus  
Eight of Cups   Pisces Saturn  
Nine of Cups   Pisces Jupiter  
Ten of Cups   Pisces Mars  
Apprentice of Cups Page, Princess Cancer Summer Solstice Earth of Water
Adept of Cups Knight, Prince Pisces Jupiter/Neptune Fire of Water
Mistress of Cups Queen Cancer Moon Water of Water
Master of Cups King, Knight Scorpio Pluto Air of Water

Suit of Swords (Air): Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Minor Trump Other Names Zodiac Sign Planet/Light Element
Ace of Swords   Gemini, Libra, Aquarius   Element of Air
Two of Swords   Libra Moon  
Three of Swords   Libra Saturn  
Four of Swords   Libra Jupiter  
Five of Swords   Aquarius Venus  
Six of Swords   Aquarius Mercury  
Seven of Swords   Aquarius Moon  
Eight of Swords   Gemini Jupiter  
Nine of Swords   Gemini Mars  
Ten of Swords   Gemini Sun  
Apprentice of Swords Page, Princess Libra Autumn Equinox Earth of Air
Adept of Swords Knight, Prince Gemini Mercury Fire of Air
Mistress of Swords Queen Libra Venus Water of Air
Master of Swords King, Knight Aquarius Uranus Air of Air

Suit of Pentacles (Earth): Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Minor Trump Other Names Zodiac Sign Planet/Light Element
Ace of Pentacles   Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn   Element of Earth
Two of Pentacles   Capricorn Jupiter  
Three of Pentacles   Capricorn Mars  
Four of Pentacles   Capricorn Sun  
Five of Pentacles   Taurus Mercury  
Six of Pentacles   Taurus Moon  
Seven of Pentacles   Taurus Saturn  
Eight of Pentacles   Virgo Sun  
Nine of Pentacles   Virgo Venus  
Ten of Pentacles   Virgo Mercury  
Apprentice of Pentacles Page, Princess Capricorn Winter Solstice Earth of Earth
Adept of Pentacles Knight, Prince Virgo Mercury Fire of Earth
Mistress of Pentacles Queen Capricorn Saturn Water of Earth
Master of Pentacles King, Knight Taurus Venus Air of Earth

The Zodiac Signs and their Major Arcana

Zodiac Sign Planet/Light Primary Trump Secondary Trump
Aries Mars The Emperor The Tower
Taurus Venus The Hierophant The Empress
Gemini Mercury The Lovers The Magician
Cancer Moon The Chariot The High Priestess
Leo Sun Force The Sun
Virgo Mercury The Hermit The Magician
Libra Venus Justice The Empress
Scorpio Pluto (Mars) Death Judgement
Sagittarius Jupiter Temperance Wheel of Fate
Capricorn Saturn The Devil The World
Aquarius Uranus (Saturn) The Star The Fool
Pisces Neptune (Jupiter) The Moon The Hanged Man

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