Stardust vs. Blackfire

(SF-Action Stories and Artwork by Shavana&Stayka)

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Stardust vs Blackfire is an over the top science-fiction action-adventure series that doesn't take itself too serious. It is set in an original universe created by Shavana and me.

All the stuff herein is originally written and thus copyrighted by my co-author Shavana Rhea and me (Stayka deyAvemta). The artwork is also originally done by either Shavana or me, and nowadays also by some other artists Anyone who wants to use anything contained in this pages non-commercially may do so, when he/she gives us due credit. But it would be really cool if you'd tell me where you want to post it. I'd also like to get a word how you liked our stuff!

SvB1 Cover

My main characters in the story are Alycia Blade aka Karylla Noir (Blackfire) and Sir Cayvyn aka Ryko Maiell (Infinity). Shavana's main characters are Nardia Blade aka Jana Star (Stardust), Coryn Arvhayn (Starlight) and Alan Dale / Sir Alayn (the new Firestar). More info about the characters

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