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0 - The Fool (Der Narr)

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0 - The Fool

View the pencil drawing of The Fool

The Fool is either the first trump of the Tarot or the last one, thus the card shows a completely freed mind, either in the beginning of the spiritual journey or at the end of it. I use to put The Fool in the beginning, as it symbolizes the beginning of the journey to the knowledge of the deeper mysteries of life. The Fool is the newborn child, free of all prejudices, fears and sins. Usually The Fool is accompanied by some beast (dog, cat or crocodile) that stands for the animalic self. The Fool holds the white rose of purity to show that he is yet beyond the base passions that led to the fall.

The qualities of the Fool are curiousity, impatience, beginnings, optimism, belief in one self and a wisdom of innocence.

Traditionally, The Fool is connected with the Zodiac Sign Aquarius and the Planets Uranus and Neptune.

My rendering of The Fool shows Andromeda Shun dancing on the edge of a cliff, trying to catch the sun. I chose a snake as the beast at his heels as it represents wisdom and danger. Shun isn't aware of the danger, he's like man before the Fall, when life was innocent bliss. The sea below is the water of the subconscious that holds no danger yet for The Fool as he is still closely connected to it. This card also combines the four elements in a wholly natural way - the fire of the sun, the earth of the mountain, the water of the sea and the air of the sky - they are all there, but they don't manifest themselves in explicit symbols, The Fool just dances through them and takes them for granted.

Disclaimer: Saint Seiya is the property of Kurumada Masami, Shueisha and Toei Animation.

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