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I - The Magician (Der Magier)

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I - The Magician

View the pencil drawing of The Magician

The Magician holds his magic wand up to sun and sky to lead the power of the mind into reality. He represents consciousness, action and creation and he is the one who begins to understand the mysteries. The symbols of the four elements (a wand for fire, a sword for air, a cup for water and a pentacle for the earth) lie in front of him on the table, but unlike The Fool who takes them for granted, The Magician needs their physical representation to do his magic. The flowers are a symbol of creativity and emotion brought into the physical world, and they are nourished by the spirtual power of The Magician. But yet he is not able to hold all the energy within himself, he has to lead it away, or he would burn himself to cinders. The Magician is a medium who takes in the creative powers, transforms them and opens himself for new energies after he brought them into the world.

The qualities of the The Magician are beginnings, but he is the one who actually takes the first step, unlike The Fool who only holds the potential. The Magician stands for willpower, action, creation, the flow of energies.

Traditionally, The Magician is connected with the zodiac Signs Gemini and Virgo and the Planet Mercury.

My rendering of The Magician shows Aries Mu holding up a magic wand to receive the energy from the sun, the sky, his surroundings, leading it down to the earth where flowers begin to bloom. On his left you can see a table with sword, pentacle, cup and wand. The lemniscate above his head symbolizes infinity, the immeasurable amount of energy around him. Moon and Mercury stand for subconsciousness and the power of the words. The tower in the background holds a library with the knowledge that the Magician has still to learn.

Disclaimer: Saint Seiya is the property of Kurumada Masami, Shueisha and Toei Animation.

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