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III - The Empress (Die Herrscherin)

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III - The Empress

View the pencil drawing of The Empress

The Empress is the nurturing aspect of the female archetype. While the High Priestess is the dark and mystical side of the female principle, the Empress is loving, caring and motherly. She is pure feeling and sexuality. She is nature and passion and love without end; and she also embodies the universal life principle.

The qualities of the Empress are passion, pure emotion, but also being carried away by emotions and ond the negative side denial of emotions.

Traditionally, The Empress is connected with the Zodiac Signs Taurus and Libra and the Planet Venus.

My rendering of The Empress shows Natassia (Hyoga's mother) sitting on a throne. She holds a sceptre with a golden ball symbolizing the sun in her hand and a horn of plenty in the other. Around her is lush grass, golden grains, a thick forest with a small rivulet that ends in a clear pond. On her hair and head is a crown and hair ornaments of ten stars that show the ten planets of the solar system (yeah, I wanted to include good old mythical Transpluto :) plus the four faces of the moon: waxing, full, waning and new. Additionally to that she wears a necklace depicting the twelve zodiac signs and a bracelet consisting of spiral galaxies - the whole universe is her jewelry

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