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IV - The Emperor (Der Herrscher)

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IV - The Emperor

View the pencil drawing of The Emperor

The Emperor is the archetype of the father. He is stern, represents law and order and adhering to laws no matter what morals stand behind them. He stands for stability, limitation by rules and coldness. He holds an ankh, the old Egyptian symbol for eternal life to show that he has power over life and death. The Emperor is the first important trial for the couragous who wants to pass the rainbow path of the Major Arcana. He forces you to overcome traditions and rules you have long learned, virtually to kill the father figure to grow up yourself.

A more spiritual view of The Emperor shows him as the sum of all spiritual power - in this version, his arms form a triangle and his legs a cross, while he sits on a cube: the alchemistical symbols of fire and the world. These symbols appear in reversed form in the Hanged Man. [Note: I chose Hyoga as Hanged Man which gives those two trumps a perfect symmetry...]

The qualities of the The Emperor are rulership, coldness, authority, lack of feelings, power over others.

Traditionally, The Emperor is connected with the Zodiac Sign Aries and the Planet Mars.

My rendering of The Emperor shows Aquarius Camus sitting on a throne in a wasteland of ice, holding an ankh in his hand. With a little imagination you can see that his arms and head form a triangle, while the legs show a cross and the lower part of the throne is supposed to look a bit like a cube. I drew red Aurora Borealis in the orange sky as The Emperor is usually connected with orange and red as the colours of activity.

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