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XI - Justice (Die Gerechtigkeit)

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XI - Justice

View the pencil drawing of Justice

Justice is normally depicted very similar to the classic rendering of Justitia - sword and scales in her hand, although the Tarot Justice mostly isn't blind. The Justice in the Tarot isn't social justice (that's the realm of The Emperor), but the ability of see what we have done with our life and accept the concequences of our deeds. As she has to face truth open-minded, this version of Justice has to see. The whole card speaks of balance; numerologically it is a combination of The Magician and The High Priestess.

The qualities of Justice are responsibility, truth, fairness, accepting past lives, past mistakes and trying to overcome old weaknesses by improving oneself. It's a card that says that everything we have to deal with now is a just and logical consequence of our former deeds.

Traditionally, Justice is connected with the Zodiac Sign Libra and the Planet Venus.

My rendering of Justice shows Athena sitting on a throne. She holds her staff in her hand, and I thought I could justify this as she dealt Justice with it, so she doesn't need the traditional Sword. In the other hand she holds the scales. The columns remind us of the High Priestess, but we don't see the waters of the subconscious here.

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