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XII - The Hanged Man (Der Gehängte)

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XII - The Hanged Man

View the pencil drawing of The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is the last one of the three cards that form the middle of the rainbow path of the Tarot. He hangs upside down so that the energy may flow down into his brain. His legs form a cross and his arms a triangle, like The Emperor, only this time they are turned upside down: we see a cross for the earth and the triangle of water, meaning that the way to enlightenment leads through the waters of subconsciousness. The tree of which he hangs represents the world tree Yggdrasil, on which Odin sacrificed himself and dreamed the runes. The roots of Yggdrasil reach into the underworld while the top reaches into the skies, so the Hanged Man touches all parts of the worlds as he hangs and meditates on his spiritual way.

The qualities of the The Hanged Man are independence, freeing oneself from rules, trying to reach a psychical calmness, peace after a painful trial.

Traditionally, The Hanged Man is connected with the Zodiac Sign Pisces and the Planet Neptune.

My rendering of The Hanged Man shows Cygnus Hyoga hanging down from the world tree. One eye is hurt to remind us of Odin's sacrifice, and the runes around him are Oss (god), Kaon (lifeforce), Giba (gift, blessing), Sigil (sun, triumph), Biarkan (new life), Man (mankind, world) and Lagu (water of life).

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