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XIII - Death (Tod)

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XIII - Death

View the pencil drawing of Death

Death is one of the cards that frighten uninitiated persons most when it appears in a reading. But actually, it isn't so much a fearful card, but a card of hope. It talks about leaving behind old things and the beginning of a new cycle; the death of the ego and the beginning of a new, enlightened life. Some renderings of The Death show a skeleton with a scythe on a field of heads and feet and hands, a rather grim image. A newer version is the one of Arthur Waite on which you can see death in black armour (symbolizing the absense of light, darkness but also the mother's womb) riding a pale horse (white the colour that combines all hues in itself and stands for purity and nothingness). Four persons meet him: A king, who lies down at the ground, as death doesn't care for rank or priviledged, a priest, held upright by his stiff robes of office, a yound woman, who looks away as she fears he dark gift and a young child who doesn't fear death as s/he is truly innocent (like The Fool). The sun sinks/rises at the horizon, showing the everlasting cycle of day an night that also governs live: Old life has to die to make place for new life.

The qualities of Death are transformation, death of the old, birth of the new - be it ideas, plans, mindsets or whatever. It's a time of changes and show fear of the changes to come.

Traditionally, Death is connected with the Zodiac Sign Scorpio and the Planet Pluto.

My rendering of Death shows Capricorn Shura in the black Cloth he wore after Hades sent him back to challenge the still living Gold Saints. He holds a scythe in his hand and rides a white horse with golden mane. This horse is one on the horses of Helios that draw the sun wagon and thus symbolizes the eternal return of the day after the night. I chose Sagittarius Aiolos, Gemini Saga, Shunrei and Dragon Shiryu as the four persons facing him, for obvious reasons.

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