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XVI - The Tower (Der Turm)

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XVI - The Tower

View the pencil drawing of The Tower

The Tower is one of the darkest cards of the Tarot. It shows the flash crashing down and shattering The Tower that symbolizes the prison one has built for oneself - a prison that is formed by the loging for material good, satisfaction, power. The Tower reminds us there is more to life than material goods, and its destruction frees the soul from its self-chosen enslavement which was shown in The Devil.

The qualities of the The Tower are painful experiences, emotional catastrophes, freeing of repressed energies, violent spiritual revelations.

Traditionally, The Tower is connected with the Zodiac Sign Aries and the Planet Mars.

My rendering of The Tower shows Phoenix Ikki and Esmeralda falling down the lightning struck tower. I painted not only the lightning and clouds, but also added some volcanos to underline the violent power of The Tower.

I decided to add the traditional symbols of the fire drops in the form of yods, the Hebrew first letter of the name of God which symbolizes mercy, not punishment. There are 22 of them, the same number as the Major Trumps of the Tarot. I divided them into 14 (Temperance, which is now shattered), 5 (The Pope, whose rules are now broken), 2 + 1 (High Priestess and The Magician - the Duality between Inner and Outer World) drops.

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