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XVII - The Star (Der Stern)

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XVII - The Star

View the pencil drawing of The Star

The Star is a card of peace after the storm of The Tower. Like on the card Temperance, we see a person pouring water from two cups, but while the person at Temperance pours the water from one cup into the other, we see The Star pouring the water into the landscape. The Star has lots of energy to spare as it is the universal life force which is infinite. There's a bird on the right side of the trump that symbolizes the bird of Thoth, the ancient Egyptian god who brought the arts and sciences into the world - thus The Star is a card of boundless creativity powered by the spiritual energy. As it shows the freed inner self, the person on the card isn't hidden behind clothing.

The qualities of The Star are hope, healing, unity, wholeness.

Traditionally, The Star is connected with the Zodiac Sign Aquarius and the Planet Uranus.

My rendering of The Star shows Dragon Shiryu pouring the waters into the world. I chose to draw the stars around the main 8-pointed star as 6- and 5-pointed stars to show the union of fire and water plus the pentacle which always symbolized magic among many other things.

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