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XVIII - The Moon (Der Mond)

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XVIII - The Moon

View the pencil drawing of The Moon

The Moon is the card of imagination and of visions. It is the reverse side of the The High Priestess - while on that card the waters of the subconsciousness are veiled, The Moon shows them to us directly. But as we have mastered the trumps before, we are now prepared to face the depths, even as uncanny beasts step out of the waters to frighten us. Deep within us are heroes and monsters, fear and happiness, uncontrollable emotions that both frighten and tempt us to drown in them. Traditionally there are some beasts stepping out of the waters - a dog, a wolf - that represent the beast within oneself. Now that we managed to free ourself on our way through the Arcana, we can even face those beasts. In Arthur Waite's version these beasts are supplemented by a crab that symbolizes the deeper lying fears of the collective subconscious, the nameless demons of a terror that is even more difficult to overcome.

The qualities of the The Moon are ominous visions, dark desires, the deep wisdom of the subconscious, destructive powers of the mind, and the fear of the unknown, but also peace if we accept the deep darkness within us.

Traditionally, The Moon is connected with the Zodiac Sign Pisces and the Planet Neptune.

My rendering of The Moon shows Cancer DeathMask who steps out of the waters of the subconscious. As the evil Cancer Saint he is a perfect representation of the crab that symbolizes the collective fear, the darkness within. The sea is the same water one can see behind the veil of the High Priestess, only this time one has to face it directly or perish. In the background you can see the souls on their last way into the Hades, as the sleep and dreams that The Moon symbolizes are closely related to death. The planets beside The Moon are Venus and Saturn, the Planet symbolizing love and emotion as well as the Planet symbolizing misfortune, time and imprisonment.

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