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XIX - The Sun (Die Sonne)

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XIX - The Sun

View the pencil drawing of The Sun

The Sun is a card of pure joy. The card symbolizes the freedom after one faced the darkness of The Moon. Mostly this card features children dancing in a garden of flowers underneath the golden sun, like man in Paradise before the fall.

The qualities of The Sun are optimism, abundant life-energy, joy and freedom.

Traditionally, The Sun is connected with the Zodiac Sign Leo and the Sun.

My rendering of The Sun shows Pegasus Seiya riding on a white Pegasus. I must admit, I was influenced by Takamiya Teppei and his B'tX - after all it's said that Teppei has 'a piece of the sun' within himself... Ah well, but Seiya and Teppei have much in common anyway, so I chose to draw the Pegasus Saint who embodies the fiery spirit as well. The winged horse symbolizes the soul here - dreams that take flight. The world below is seen like it's seen from space, as a unified whole. The rainbow is a reminder of God's promise after the Flood that everything would be good again.

Disclaimer: Saint Seiya is the property of Kurumada Masami, Shueisha and Toei Animation.

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